For the last 15 years, we’ve been making sportswear, workwear, freetime apparel, souvenirs, fans gear, and promotional print products. These are just few pieces of the work that we love.


We dress the players and coaches for basketball, football, volleyball, tennis and any other sport that’s not played naked.


Uniforms to comply with company dress code and various labour clothes to provide durability and safety.

Freetime Apparel

It’s really anything you can imagine – outdoor, casual, travel, biking, hiking…

Souvenirs and Fans Gear

Caps, scarfs, t-shirts and plenty other pieces that sports fans love so much.

Promotional Print and Flags

We make your brand appear on t-shirts, scarfs or, basically, any textile product you can imagine.


We make flags for schools, businesses, sports teams, municipalities, etc.

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